Valdeorras is a small appellation in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, in the Galicia autonomous region. It was established as D.O. (“Denominación de Origen“) in 1945. It is in the Ourense province and forms almost a natural continuation of Ribeira Sacra to the west and Bierzo to the east, neighbour wine regions. Valdeorras also shares some similarities in soil and grape varieties with these regions. The climate is continental with some Atlantic influence with the river Sil –a  tributary of river Miño/Minho– being the axis of the appellation. It is a relatively wet region, with 850 to 1,000 mm of average rain per year.

Average altitude of the vineyards is 500 metres above sea level, but some are in valleys while others are on mountain slopes. The soils vary greatly too, some of them being made up of a mixture of granite and sand of sedimentary origin, rich in pebbles, and the shallower soils on the slopes being rich in slate. The grey slate plays an important role in the vines, as the wines made from grapes grown in these slate-infused soils display distinctive mineral reminiscences of flint and gunpowder.

The main grape varieties cultivated in this region are Mencía for reds and Godello for whites. However, it is mostly known as a white wine region and where the Godello grape shines best.

Wines from this Region

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Vinaredo Godello Valdeorras de Vinos The Spanish Wine Specialist in London & the UK

Vinaredo Godello Valdeorras 2015

Region Valdeorras

Producer Santa Marta

Variety Godello

Type White


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