Ribeira Sacra

This is probably one of the most spectacular wine regions in the world and certainly in Spain (Check our pictures in the gallery below to see why we say this).

Ribeira Sacra is located in the Northwest of the Iberian peninsula, in the autonomous region of Galicia. Ribeira Sacra was established as D.O. (“Denominación de Origen“) in 1997, so it is a quite young official wine region. However, wine production in this region dates back to Roman times, and actually their viticulture technique of planting in terraces is a direct inheritance from those times. After the Romans, the monks took over wine production in this region and actually Ribeira Sacra means “Holy River Bank” in Spanish.

The most spectacular thing about Ribeira Sacra is that their vineyards are planted in very steep hills (some with up to 80% gradient!) in the riverbanks and canyons of the Río Sil and Río Miño. This means that the work of planting, pruning and harvesting has to be done manually and with much care (personal safety is at risk in steep slopes) and it is common to hear about “heroic viticulture” when people relate to the work vintners do in their vineyards. The soils are predominantly sandy and granite (high in acid) with broken slate in some terraces. The main grape varieties are Mencía (for reds) and Godello (for whites).

Ribeira Sacra has 5 sub-regions: Amandi (the largest in terms of number of wineries and where our producer Régoa is located), Chantada, Quiroga-Bibei, Ribeiras do Miño and Ribeiras do Sil. The climate in this region is influenced by both Atlantic (is about 100 miles from the Atlantic Ocean) and Mediterranean, which makes for a drier and slightly warmer weather than in other wine regions of Galicia, like Rías Baixas.

Wines from this Region

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Régoa 2012 Ribeira Sacra

Region Ribeira Sacra

Producer Régoa

Variety Mencía,

Type Red


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