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Tomada de Castro

Tomada de Castro is a family winery in the Val do Salnés sub-region of the Rías Baixas D.O., which is the area with the highest density of Albariño grape plantations and wineries in the whole of the D.O. The Castro family founded it in 1998 with the plantation of a single owned plot and with a production of about 1,000 litres. Having said this, the Castro family had a long tradition of elaborating their own home-made wines. Nowadays, they produce over 60,000 litres of 100% Albariño wines, from 9.5 hectares planted on the traditional “Emparrado” method. This method means pursuing that the vine grows through pillars to about 2 metres from the ground, to make more room for ventilation and lower humidity (Galicia, where Rías Baixas is located, is a very humid area of Spain, with few sunshine hours per year).

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Ría de Arosa Albariño Rías Baixas 2015

Region Rías Baixas

Producer Tomada de Castro

Variety Albariño

Type White


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