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Régoa is a small boutique winery in the Amandi sub-region of the Ribeira Sacra D.O. It is owned by local doctor José María Prieto, who has 11 hectares planted in very steep terraces (up to 80% gradient) which are south facing in the banks of the river Sil. The strategic location of these vines, on a steep impressive river valley (check photos below) together with the slate and sandy soils where they are planted conform an ideal terroir to produce different albeit seductive wines.

Most of the vines are of Mencía grape, which is the most planted in the Ribeira Sacra, but they also have vines of indigenous Galician varieties: Alvarello, Caíño and Sousón. These are indigenous varieties that were almost lost in favour of other more well-known varieties, but thanks to the work of vintners like José María they are being recovered (together with their distinct, intriguing aromas and flavours).

In the winery, Régoa follows a simple rule: as little intervention as possible to keep fruit characteristics at their best in their wines. For instance, they use large oak vats to ferment and age their wines, natural yeasts from the grapes and they do not filter or fine their wines.

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Regoa Ribeira Sacra de Vinos The Spanish Wine Specialist in London & the UK

Régoa 2012 Ribeira Sacra

Region Ribeira Sacra

Producer Régoa

Variety Mencía,

Type Red


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