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Mandrágora Vinos de Pueblo was born as a project of 4 friends who are wine passionates and their interest in elaborating their own wine. This is why they decided to search for a location with long and unalterable wine making tradition in Spain.

With this in mind, they arrived to Las Batuecas Natural Park in the “Sierra de Francia” (Salamanca), which was declared a biosphere reservoir in 2006. A magical place full of wonderful villages located in different heights and orientations, various types of soils (sand, slate…), huge heritage of old vineyards dominated by an indigenous grape variety called Rufete. The Mandrágora team were convinced that they could make a wine with the profile they were looking for in this beautiful region. A wine full of flavour, elegant and highly aromatic.

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Tragaldabas Rufete 2013 Sierra de Salamanca

Tragaldabas Rufete 2013 Sierra de Salamanca

Region Sierra de Salamanca

Producer Mandrágora Vinos

Variety Rufete

Type Red


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