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Catalan indigenous red grape variety which is mainly used to produce light, fruity and pleasant rosé wines in both, still and sparkling form.” 

Vineyards of Trepat are virtually found only in Catalonia, specifically in the wine areas of Penedès (near Barcelona), Conca de Barberà (in the Tarragona region) and Costers del Segre (in the Lleida region). Vines of Trepat are robust and productive, as well as picky about the soils their thrive. Due to its early budding and late ripening, it benefits from the sunny summers that this part of Catalonia offer.

Why we like Trepat?

We like Trepat because it is capable to produce unique style of red, rosés and sparkling wines (think of pink Cavas) that display an attractive combination of juicy red fruits, freshness and balance.These wines are normally light colored and light bodied, delicate and not very high in alcohol (specially considering the Mediterranean climate where some of its vines are planted).

We like Trepat for its strong personality and potential not only for sparkling and still rosé wines, but also for light reds. It is a variety capable of producing delicate and light wines but with good fruit concentration, in a region of Spain where one would expect stronger, more alcoholic wines (given Mediterranean weather influence). There is still a low number of Hectares planted of  Trepat, but these are growing as more and more producers realize its capabilities and embark in the mission of recovering this Spanish native varietal.

Youd love Trepat if you like…

… sparkling and still wines with a pleasant red fruits including raspberries, strawberries and pomegranate, mingled with notes of peach, acacia flowers, hay and cinnamon.

Also if you like the freshness and the light structure of a sparkling rosé made by Pinot Noir.

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