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“Increasingly admired red grape variety which was almost extinct and has only been rediscovered by a handful of skillful producers mainly in the Penedès wine region, near Barcelona”.

Sumoll is a case in point of a Spanish indigenous varietal that was almost extinct 20 or 30 years ago, but that is now growing in popularity (albeit the total hectares planted of Sumoll are less than 300 nowadays!) given its ability to produce different red wines, with some rusticity in the palate but also fresh acidity and good capability for ageing. Most of the current planted hectares in the Iberian peninsula are in the Penedès wine region, and in other handful D.O.’s of the Catalonia autonomous region. However, a number of hectares are reported to be planted as far as in the Canary Islands too, where it is known by the local name Vijariego Negro.

Sumoll is a “survivor” grape. There used to be more plantations of Sumoll than Garnacha, but the phylloxera plague of the early twentieth century caused great shortages. Since then, the remaining vineyards of Sumoll were replaced with other grape varieties, as Sumoll is delicate to cultivate.

Why we like Sumoll?

We like Sumoll because is another example (among many) of indigenous quality Spanish grapes that have been recently recovered and is capable of producing distinct red (and a few rosés) wines, which makes the palette of Spanish wine options richer for the end consumer.

You’d love Sumoll if you like…

…red-fruit driven wines, with some rustic and undergrowth notes and good acidity levels. Also if you like complex aged wines (Sumoll handles oak perfectly) that develop tertiary aromas and flavours, like leather and some animal characters, but which retain excellent acidity.

Try Sumoll too if you are a fan of Barolo and wines made from the Nebbiolo grape in Italy, since we believe Sumoll shares quite a few characteristics with this grape.

Wines with this Grape Variety

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Heretat Mont Rubi Gaintus Sumoll 2009 Penedes

Gaintus Sumoll Penedès 2009

Region Penedès & Cava

Producer Heretat Mont Rubí

Variety Sumoll

Type Red


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