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“A late-ripening Spanish variety that can occasionally yield fine, ageworthy and show light reds.”

Rufete is principally located in the Spanish region of Salamanca, in the west of Spain and relatively close to the border with Portugal. It is a demanding variety, late-ripening that is especially susceptible to powdery mildew and botrytis bunch rot. This is why it is cultivated in very specific sites where it can reach full maturity yielding fruity wines, light in colour, low in alcohol and with a high acidity that compensates a good tannic structure.

¿Why do we like Rufete?

We like the Rufete for its elegance, fine and fruitiness that show through their wines. Thanks to its high natural acidity and generous tannic structure, wines made from this variety can be aged in oak and show a very positive evolution in bottle.

You’d love Rufete if you like…

… French variety Pinot Noir. This variety develops wines with low alcohol and high acidity in which dominate red fruits such as cherries or strawberries matched with floral aromas like violet and rose petals.

Wines with this Grape Variety

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Tragaldabas Rufete 2013 Sierra de Salamanca

Tragaldabas Rufete 2013 Sierra de Salamanca

Region Sierra de Salamanca

Producer Mandrágora Vinos

Variety Rufete

Type Red


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